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    Ma giai cuop duong pho'
    ijwaocjaDate: Wednesday, 2013-07-03, 7:09 PM | Message # 201
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    unmangereDate: Wednesday, 2013-07-03, 8:12 PM | Message # 203
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    tumansz1Date: Wednesday, 2013-07-03, 8:20 PM | Message # 204
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    Skydiving: The Reality About Parachutes
    Skydiving is regarded as to be a very extreme sport, but a good deal of people
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    Skydiving is considered to be a quite severe activity, but a whole lot of individuals presently are turning out to be extremely inclined to it. As time passes, more daredevils appear into getting and get hooked on this breathtaking sport.

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    beemHiretleDate: Wednesday, 2013-07-03, 8:25 PM | Message # 205
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    unmangereDate: Wednesday, 2013-07-03, 8:28 PM | Message # 206
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    evqokdwaDate: Wednesday, 2013-07-03, 8:31 PM | Message # 207
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    unmangereDate: Wednesday, 2013-07-03, 8:39 PM | Message # 208
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    tumanss0Date: Wednesday, 2013-07-03, 8:39 PM | Message # 209
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    unmangereDate: Wednesday, 2013-07-03, 8:40 PM | Message # 210
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    <a href=></a>
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    Lo Beneath The Bling washingtonpost

    There was a lot of things for the runway Friday night when entertainer Jennifer Lopez presented the clothing collection that bears her name. It truly is unclear whether fashion was one particular. To her credit, there has been probably more models of color than on most of the catwalks this season. And while there were any number of television crews and celebrity hunters roaming concerning the aisles and ambushinterviewing you aren't a familiar face, it has little chaos just the unavoidable foot stomping, bumping and accidental hairpulling that happens when media and celebrities are thrown to the same threering circus. There was clearly highwattage synergy and audacious meism displayed. Lopez may very well have set the latest standard for branding inside of the fashion industry. The style show is the subject of an MTV documentary scheduled to air later this month. The present bags were stuffed with bottles of Lopez's fragrance Miami Glow coupled with her latest CD, "Rebirth." As well as runway was awash with a parade of minime's as models were done up to resemble the different versions of Lopez that are etched towards the pop culture record.

    The show was called "The JLo Story" and was organized into three parts. The opening segment celebrated the upfromtheBronx portion of Lopez's life. There were a lot of cropped denim, hot pants, tiny jackets and hoop earrings. Apparently Lopez would not own a coat within this portion of her lifetime and spent nearly all of the winter putting on miniskirts. Part 2 for this story coincides with Lopez's success as a general singer. This is actually period of dating Puff Daddy, avoiding gunplay and pleading with her fans to not ever be "fooled by a rocks that got, I'm still Jenny via the block." From this portion, fur is introduced into Lopez's wardrobe combined with oversize sweaters that fall asleep the shoulder, fuzzy sweats and hooded ponchos. A final third of a show, with lots more fur including one flyingsaucersize fur hat worn by way of the model Naomi Campbell reflects the entertainer's arrival as being a star in music, movies and tabloids. This is the era of Cris Judd, Bennifer and Marc Anthony. Overall, the product recalls quite a few her more famous looks, acne outbreaks . are no references for your infamous green floral Versace gown that plunged to her navel. In spite of everything, the collection is usually aimed at the teen set.

    The appearance of the collection is young and lively and between the tight jeans additionally, the ruffled miniskirts there does exist plenty which can capture the attention of a teenage girl maybe a young woman. Nevertheless essence of fashion good fashion, at any rate is that it looks forward. Although it finds inspiration before, it looks for methods to make the 1940s or perhaps the 1950s seem fresh and relevant. The 2 main major collections along the runway JLo by Jennifer Lopez and therefore the more expensive Sweetface look say for example a scrapbook of styles in the Lopez closet. This is the rolling rack of castoffs.

    Great fashion will definitely anticipate the appropriate aesthetic a reaction to cultural and social events. Content material pursuit of futurists, of patients never pleased with the moment, in people who are always racing ahead in many ways that are both captivating and aggravating. Fashion is Ralph Rucci creating an excellent haute couture gown of handmade ribbons that leaves one breathless. Its Einar Holilokk carrying on the legacy of Geoffrey <a href=>michael kors factory</a> Beene having a black leather motorcycle jacket whose silver zippers snake <a href=>michael kors</a> for the sleeves.

    Lots of Lauren's work was inspired by his variety of vintage cars and so it was epitomized by its elegant lines, its uncluttered silhouettes and its timelessness. In shades which range from nickel gray to black, the collection was committed to trim skirts with fitted jackets using collars sometimes lined in fur. Elegant evening gowns with luxurious pleating draped softly across the body's curves, the stark black interrupted by deep purple. Each garment was quietly and cautiously rendered. So cautiously there's no adrenaline rush of desire, no naughty disregard on your dutifully organized budget. One wonders if Lauren is ever lured to drive undoubtedly one of his fine sports cars past the speed limit, if he ever lets his tires screech to your sheer pleasure to be reckless. If you have, none from the aggression, that lawlessness, comes through within the collection.

    When compared to, Karan's collection was <a href=>michael kors discount</a> simply recklessness, daring plus a foolhardy disregard for practicality. The designer who have always been so focused on facilitating the fastpaced lifestyle of powerful women created skirts that coiled surrounding the body and ended with a large origami flower positioned almost directly and awkwardly during the crotch. Sharply pleated <a href=>christian louboutin outlet</a> dresses had jagged ridges rising down the shoulder seam. Jacket collars stood up so expensive they nearly engulfed the total head as in the event a giant clam shell was ready to snap shut on one's noggin. And evening gowns have also been little more than a crush of taffeta connected to wide elastic bands that are great for so tightly for the model's torso which the millimeter of flesh round her waist was squeezed directly into tiniest of love handles.

    The designer Behnaz Sarafpour also showed a disappointing collection, not as a consequence of audacious experimentation but mainly because of timidity. Her collection was dusted with Middle Eastern inspiration nevertheless it really was filled with hesitant brush strokes and incomplete gestures. A black dress have a tassel trim that sounded like an afterthought. A silver velvet dress possessed a hemline trimmed in coins, however were used so sparingly that running without shoes would have been don't to have used them in any way. Peter Som showed a group that was inspired through film "Picnic at Hanging Rock." It is the same film that inspired designer Alexander McQueen for spring 2005 the other can't recall anything simply because collection that were designed to have sent another designer to his local Blockbuster. Som's collection was cursed with a dour sensibility with several highneck <a href=>michael kors wholesale</a> blouses and jackets as well as an ivory cape which were so matronly an online business almost smell the mothballs, talcum powder and lavender.

    Derek Lam, who including created the ensemble that <a href=>christian louboutin replica</a> presidential daughter Barbara Bush wore to your swearingin ceremony recently, presented a predetermined that showed off his talent with effortless ease and buoyancy. He was inspired via the lifestyle of young women who have bicoastal and transatlantic lives, girls who are constantly <a href=>michael kors handbags</a> juggling chilly London with sunny California. The result was obviously a mix of exquisite layers. Beaded camisoles topping satin skirts under nonchalant jackets. His satin dresses were hemmed in sequins. A blanket wool wrap was embellished by having an enormous jeweled cross. Floral skirts were painted in matte sequins. A pleated evening gown was topped by having a mink pullover luxury's version of a sweatshirt slipped across a sleeveless dress following sun passes on.

    This was an established in which everything blended together seamlessly. Each bit was intriguing and made substantially more tempting once it heats up was mixed and matched considering how that it can be when a woman is dressing through a suitcase. Who hasn't become a little more adventurous, even eccentric, using their layers after they realize they've arrived in a city without clothes which have been warm enough or formal enough? Lam makes a person believe that accompanied by a single suitcase brimming with his clothes and clearly that mink pullover a certain types of onthego chic is assured.

    Within the collision of celebrity hooha and design sincerity, Zac Posen presented his collection Thursday night. At all, Posen has attracted outsize attention, <a href=>louis vuitton outlet</a> somewhat because he is talented, along with because of impressive connections in the world of filmmaking and art. His fashion shows have finally become fullblown extravaganzas. His recent business partnership with Sean Combs just has thrown more fuel with the celebrity firestorm. His fall show produced bold face names such as Claire Danes, JayZ, Russell Simmons and Combs. Three gentlemen sat uninterruptedly like foxes in a henhouse watching the models glide by in tightfitting skirts with swags of fabric hanging in the hips, billowing gowns and short ruffled skirts that wiggled flirtatiously. Oh the way the gentlemen smiled from ear to ear. Combs applauded inside the broad toptobottom technique of a seal. JayZ sipped champagne no matter that average folks were barred from bringing a Styrofoam cup of lukewarm coffee towards the venue. Simmons leaned forward as part of his chair with schoolboy enthusiasm. Is this that they were licking their chops or was simply a problem of chapped lips?

    Gentlemen, this is the clothes that can be ostensibly to purchase, not the models. Which was a disappointing collection. One wishes that Posen could retreat to some more subdued environment <a href=>michael kors outlet</a> and on his craft, figure out the mistakes, and make clothes intended as worn through the day rather than to obtain a grand entrance. Posen has enough reckless daring for almost all of Seventh Avenue. He could give lessons in marketing and synergy. Now he must remember that fashion without restraint quickly becomes costume.
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    Dressed to impress

    I frequently have to change my clothes a few times a day. For example, this morning I've already worn academic dress over my red and beige jersey wrap dress when i did a reading in chapel. Then there's meetings to adopt and even competitive sports.

    Yesterday I visited watch the rugby thus wore leggings and boots which has a dress them over, a cardigan coupled with a short fur coat. If there's a reception for parents interested in the faculty I'll dress somewhere within evening and work wear. The point of the occasion should be to welcome people and remain social, that makes it nice in making an effort.

    I've always loved clothes, not because I'm obsessed or silly but since i had a glamorous grandmother who trained me that I could look superior to I actually am! My mother would not have gone into the city to the shops without making an effort and I'm exactly the same. It's about presenting myself in the best possible way in order to do what I do comfortably.

    I got myself this green velvet suit in my 50th birthday. We have an interesting hourglass cut that in some way plays to my strengths without exposing acres of cleavage. Discreet yet still quite sexy.

    Completely new seven or eight evening gowns and I wear them a lot. There are many blacktie events attached to the school my partner and i attend events with my capacity as governor on the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I got myself this gown in Nyc. It flatters me mainly because it cuts in around the waist and allows a little bit of extra detail when using the 'fantail' at the front.

    I believe that my dress style says, 'Here's someone means business.' That's not me going to be soaking in the back row, <a href=>christian louboutin replica</a> but there's nothing flippant and frivolous about this. I go for unusual a few might have picked up on my travels handbags and scarves.

    One common look for me is a dress that pulls in at a waist, patentleather shoes plus a short red cashmere coat it's fun. I don't tend to buy labels nevertheless i have got some pieces around the wardrobe which have been really special by Thierry Mugler, Versace and Armani. An additional thing I do believe is really important is exactly what you wear underneath. I absolutely can't live without Rigby Peller.

    My pupils seem to like the way I dress. Obviously the girls at Oxford High, where I used to work, noted whatever i was wearing, but I'm surprised the boys at Abingdon do. With the school magazine <a href=>michael kors factory</a> they welcomed me by saying I'd feature a 'extensive and thoroughly impressive CV and extensive and colourful wardrobe'!

    The last thing I might want to appear like is what people call the normal headmistress. That's not my look and it has not my leadership style, either. I've never been piece of a mould at all.

    Lucy Alexander, 42, hedge fund sales manager

    In 1990, initially when i first started doing work in the <a href=>michael kors outlet</a> city, The trainer told us women should wear skirt suits not trouser suits; trousers were guys. Back then it was actually really hard to look for clothes; there weren't any women's shops within the Square Mile.

    I proceeded a holiday to Bangkok with my sister along three suits made classic pencil skirts and padded jackets. We never put them on now; they're dated and also 'power', and it's far easier to pull within a dress than a jacket, skirt and blouse.

    I haven't got a dress code for the office. I really like to wear fitted dresses by Michael Kors, Paule Ka, Joseph and Britt Lintner, a pal of mine who also works in hedge funds but designs beautifully tailored dresses that happen to be perfect for work. She had to bridge the space between office wear and high fashion as well as the City woman as the primary goal. Sarah Brown is yet another fan.

    In finance if you believe about your clothes way too much people will probably say you're rather frivolous. It is actually down to the article of the meeting, right after the day, having said that i think it's important to make a good impression. We're interested in fashion, too, and i also do like shopping. My Italian grandmother was exceptionally glamorous it's the same something I've aging with.

    I not likely wear jackets; I'm constrained by them. I prefer a smart coat or <a href=>christian louboutin outlet</a> trench. I'm 5ft 2in outside always wear high, high shoes, usually Louboutin or YSL to find smarter and taller. If I'm visiting meetings I wear flats and switch. At dusk I might wear identical dress but change my shoes, bag and jewellery. We would slip into sandals or something that is more sparkly, and install a cocktail ring and earrings if we're taking clients to dinner or maybe the opera.

    Once i had a year aloof from the City I create a business designing semiprecious jewellery along with a friend, then i have a number of pieces. It's nice to utilize something that's personal to you personally.

    Smart clothes are more stylish, comfortable and adaptable. You can get on a plane, head off to meetings after which you can straight to dinner. Additionally there is a lot more help available. I'm a sucker for websites like Netaporter because they're great if you find yourself busy. Additionally they give great styling tips on accessories and shoes.

    Women which is used to feel the need to blend in, for like men. Currently hemlines have gone up plus the shoes are higher. It's more fulfilling.

    Sarah Mansfield, 31 head of a Russian department at Christie's

    The important of my job is to source Russian art for sales. I joined like an intern in 2004, equally Russian pictures had to have off, and already I'm head for the department. Many people are surprised at the variety and <a href=>michael kors wholesale</a> value of works on offer. Our world record for those highest price acquired a female artist at auction takes place by a Russian artist called Natalia Goncharova and was sold by us in February at the moment for 6,425,259.

    During the day I tend to wear skirts and shirts, or dresses, with Sergio Rossi heels, which has been a real thing for. There are a number of different functions which need to perform, <a href=>louis vuitton outlet</a> and so i need to be flexible within that. If I'm cataloguing pictures We're in the warehouse during my Kurt Geiger ballet flats (that keep under my desk), a set of trousers along with warm jumper.

    My expensive weakness is Wolford tights. They are a quick fix worn having a Cos dress in addition to the ballet flats fine for proofreading at the job, but smart enough if the client comes in. When it's nearing the vista we also have lunchtime or evening events, for formal so I'll enhance eveningwear.

    There's a corporate element about what I do, nevertheless it's a creative industry: we sell art, so people require that you express yourself through how on earth you dress. I don't have to wear a navy suit on a daily basis that's not expected but I really do want to be smart <a href=>michael kors discount</a> because that feeds within the confidence. If you've got an illfitting bra and laddered tights, you will not be going to be inside of the frame of mind to go over a picture's potential at auction. But equally I can't think you need to remain toptotoe Chanel and Fendi simply away in the business.

    Because we've clients in Europe and New york city, I need a wardrobe that travels. I'm a big fan of Diane von Furstenberg dresses. They're smart, they pack well and are not so niche generally turn up somewhere and show off specifically British.

    I mix and match newseason pieces with my existing wardrobe. I really like Anna Sui due to its patterns. It ties into me being creative, I suppose, but it's not completely thought out. My secret weapon, though, <a href=>michael kors</a> is to be my boyfriend, which is a hairdresser. He's got his own salon in Covent Garden, Ora, and contains taught <a href=>michael kors handbags</a> me for the importance of an outstanding haircut. I change styles very much; last year I used to be pillarbox red.
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